Allergy Testing

allergy testing

Allergy Testing Can Identify The Underlying Cause Of Your Sinus Pain

Have you been dealing with chronic sinus pain? Your allergies may be the true underlying cause of your sinus issues. They can cause things like swelling and nasal blockages, providing an optimal place for sinus infections to grow.

Having your allergies tested is a good first step to discovering what the true underlying cause of your sinus pain is. At Tampa Bay Breathe Free, we can test you for allergens as well as perform a full sinus exam to give you the most accurate diagnosis.

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How Bad Are Your Allergy Symptoms?

If you’ve been living with allergies for a long time, it can be difficult to remember how life was without them. Take our Allergy Quiz to see how bad your symptoms are.

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pets sometimes cause allergiesinsects such as bees may cause allergic reaction

What Are Some Common Allergens?

When our unique allergens enter our body, they are viewed as a threat by our immune system. The immune system then releases antibodies that cause your allergy symptoms.

Common allergens include: 

  • Pollen
  • Mold
  • Dust Mites
  • Certain Foods (shellfish, nuts, milk, etc)
  • Insects
  • Pet Dander

Common Allergy Symptoms

Your combination of symptoms will be unique to you, but some common symptoms include:

  • Runny Nose
  • Itchy Eyes
  • Headache
  • Facial Pain
  • Sinus Headache
  • Breathing Problems
  • Rash or Skin Irritation
insects such as bees may cause allergic reaction

Allergy Testing: Understand Your Unique Allergy Profile

Allergy testing is used to evaluate your body’s reaction to specific allergens which can help identify the exact cause of your symptoms. There are two common forms of allergy testing that include:

Skin Prick Testing

Skin prick testing is the most common form of allergy testing because it works quickly and gives the allergist a good understanding of the type of reaction you have. It can show the presence of an allergy as well as the severity of that allergy.

Testing is normally administered on the arm, but it can be moved based on the patient’s preference or age. It’s not considered a painful test and is compared to a fingernail scratch.

During the test, several allergens will be administered to the skin in marked locations. The allergist will also use a control prick to compare the severity of the reactions. Each allergen introduced to your skin will react differently, giving the allergist a clear picture.

The test is highly accurate and will allow the allergist to give you a good diagnosis and treatment plan.

Intradermal Skin Testing

Another form of skin prick testing, intradermal testing is used for certain allergens that won’t show a reaction on the skin’s surface. Instead, a small amount of the allergen being tested is injected just below the skin. You may feel a short period of mild discomfort.

The test is just as safe as skin prick testing and is done with close monitoring to ensure comfort. Allergens that may require intradermal testing include:

Blood Testing

Blood testing isn’t as common as skin prick testing, but it’s often utilized in specific situations. A blood test may be required if:

The Risk of Getting Allergy Testing Outside the ENT’s Office
Recently, there has been a surge of allergy testing facilities popping up around the country. These places can successfully test you for allergies, but they may not be the best for getting a fully comprehensive sinus exam.

At Tampa Bay Breathe Free, we can perform allergy testing in conjunction with a physical sinus examination to rule out any other sinus conditions. We have the experience to diagnose all sinus conditions and help you form a treatment plan that meets your needs.

Common Allergy Treatments

For the best allergy treatment plan, you need to consider if the treatment plan meets all of your needs. Some common allergy treatments that we often include in our patient’s treatment plans include:

Allergy Medication

Over the counter medications are good in a pinch and can help ease symptoms, but they won’t provide long-term relief.

Allergy Immunotherapy

Allergy immunotherapy, or allergy drops, can help you get long-term relief from your painful allergy symptoms. During immunotherapy, your body is slowly introduced to your allergen to retrain your immune system.

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Get Long-Term Allergy Relief at Tampa Bay Breathe Free

Are you unsure of what’s causing your allergies or just sick and tired of your allergy symptoms? You can get allergy testing and long-term relief at Tampa Bay Breathe Free. Schedule Today.