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Chronic Sinus Infections Taking Over Your Life?

At Tampa Bay Breathe Free, we have the knowledge and experience to treat our patients with passion and care. As an ENT office, we treat all aspects of the ear, nose, and throat. We know that each patient is on their own unique journey to find pain relief, which is why we treat you like a person instead of just another number.

Dr. Mariah Pate and her team are ready to take on any issues you may have and provide you with the best possible treatment. No matter if you're looking for sinus, allergy, or other ENT treatment, we are your Breathe Free Solution.

What Does ENT Mean?

ENT stands for Ear, Nose, and Throat. It’s also known as the medical specialty, Otolaryngology which is a combination of the words ear, nose, and throat in Greek. All three parts of this medical specialty work in tandem to support each other. However, they each have their own characteristics.

hearing and balance


Our ears help us with our hearing and balance. We can treat anything from ear infections to structural problems of the ear.

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Our nose is the first line of defense against bacteria and viruses. It traps them in mucus and drains them out of the nose. At Tampa Bay Breathe Free, nose and sinus issues are our specialty.

throat pain


Our throats help us with talking, breathing, eating, and so much more. Throat pain can be downright awful at its worst, but our team can handle any issue.

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Head & Neck

Not only can we handle issues of the ear, nose, and throat, but we also can handle general issues dealing with the head and neck. 

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Is Sinus Pain Becoming a Way of Life?

Often, we push aside sinus pain for so long that we just get accustomed to it. Take our sinus quiz to see how painful your symptoms really are and schedule with Tampa Bay Breathe Free today.

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ENT Services We Offer

Our focus at Tampa Bay Breathe Free is to give you long-term relief from your pain. We do this in a variety of ways, one of which being minimally invasive procedures we can do right in the comfort of our office. We focus on treating allergy and sinus issues, but we can treat all sorts of issues, including:


Allergies run rampant in the hot and humid weather of Florida. We provide long-term relief to patients suffering from allergies with a treatment called immunotherapy.


Often, sinus and allergy issues go hand in hand. For example, allergies can cause nasal blockages that result in more frequent sinus infections. That’s why we take a fully comprehensive approach when treating you for sinus pain.

Throat Disorders

Our board-certified ENTs have the knowledge and skill to diagnose and treat conditions of the throat.

Ear Disorders

We are able to handle all different types of conditions of the ear.

Tampa Bay Breathe Free: Fully Comprehensive Care

If you’re having an issue with the ear, nose, throat, head, or neck, it’s time to schedule with Tampa Bay Breathe Free. We offer fully comprehensive treatment plans that will work with your needs and lifestyle.