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STOP Sinusitis

Sinus issues can significantly impact your quality of life, causing discomfort and disrupting your daily routine. Symptoms like congestion and headaches can affect both your physical health and mental well-being. At Tampa Bay Breathe Free, we understand the toll sinusitis can take on your overall wellness. That's precisely why our goal is to offer effective relief, enabling you to reclaim your life and engage in your daily activities seamlessly. Let's work together to put an end to your sinus struggles and restore your vitality!

STOP Sinusitis Symptoms 

Sinusitis symptoms stand out from those of a common cold. While cold symptoms usually subside within 3-5 days, sinusitis and its range of discomforts linger for over 10 days without relief. Additional symptoms may include:

  • Facial pressure and/or pain around the eyes, nose, jaw, and teeth
  • Fatigue caused by poor sleep from pain and congestion at night
  • Low grade fever
  • Persistent congestion caused by swollen nasal passages, leading to difficulty breathing and a stuffy nose
  • Blocked nasal passageways
  • Diminished sense of smell and taste
  • Headaches
  • Postnasal drip (mucus trickling down the back of the nose into the throat)
  • Nasal discharge (mucus that is green, yellow or cloudy in color, draining from the nose)

Obtaining a proper diagnosis from an ENT expert is essential. At Tampa Bay Breathe Free, our experienced team is committed to helping you overcome your sinus issues and restore your quality of life.

STOP Sinusitis and Reclaim Your Health

Individuals suffering from sinusitis have a range of treatment options to explore with our trusted physician, from over-the-counter medications to surgical interventions.

  • Medication: Depending on your symptoms, their severity, and duration, our doctor may recommend various treatments to alleviate your discomfort. These could include prescription medications, over-the-counter remedies, or home-based treatments:
o  Decongestants: used to reduce swelling of the sinus lining
o  Nasal and systemic steroids: used to reduce inflammation
o  Mucolytics: used to help thin the thickened nasal secretions
o  Sinus irrigation: used to cleanse the sinuses
  • Balloon Sinuplasty: Balloon sinuplasty, also known as balloon sinus dilation, is a minimally invasive, office-based procedure designed to gently enlarge your natural sinus openings. This helps improve drainage and enhances your nasal anatomy, providing a patient-friendly alternative to traditional surgery.
o  STOPsinusitis with a single procedure
o  Convenient and performed in the comfort of our office in about an hour
o  Provides quick recovery time with excellent results
  • Sinus Surgery: Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) could be an option for select patients. This procedure aims to enhance your sinus drainage by improving your nasal anatomy, facilitating the natural flow of mucus from your sinus openings. Balloon sinuplasty can also be performed in conjunction with a FESS.

STOP Sinusitis with Tampa Bay Breathe Free

At Tampa Bay Breathe Free, Dr. Pate and her experienced team are dedicated to helping you overcome sinusitis. Schedule an appointment today with our skilled and compassionate professionals. Let us help you reclaim your vitality and put an end to your sinus troubles!